About Us

Who are we?

Rebel Way was created as a means to be seen, we aim to give others a voice and visibility through unique design, clothing that represents and considers who you are, because its made by someone who knows what it's like to feel invisible, unheard, or un-represented. Our work aims to stand out and our products are constructed for bodies not social constructs.

Rebel Way isn't just about taking the alternate path, but about representing those who are forced to take the alternate path by society. It's about trying to bring a voice and visibility to the issues that others turn a blind eye to. I understand this path in some ways, as lesbian and transwoman I have felt at times alienated from society, and i understand the need for representation in fashion and the media, and the importance of clothing that provides comfort and reassurance both in its fit and aesthetic. The Aesthetic of rebel way was inspired by my view that whilst we all wish to be proud, sometimes we don't want to be loud, or rather I suppose that sometimes a whisper can be louder than a shout. Through out the design work I use braille as a message and an aesthetic, it reinforces the idea these are people and ideals we need to see, to feel, and to recognise.


How do we work? 

The reason it's possible for us to design and deliver these products is a made to order system that takes advantage of existing infrastructure and international production. Essentially your order goes straight to the printers factory and they deliver directly to you, so independent brands like ours, who can't afford their own warehouse space or to have large quantities of stock on hand, can make their brand work and aid in the rebellion against faceless monotonous design. This means all returns and shipping are also handled by the large companies, making use of their infrastructure and quality control means you can get a high end independent product for a reasonable price with the security you've come to expect from online shopping. 


Where we came from

Our creative background comes from studying art and graphic design for several years throughout university, and later time spent as a freelancer in the U.K, most recently we were working in-house for an independent brand in Vancouver. This has given us a broad range of technical skills and theoretical knowledge on design.

Outside of my work in the creative field I'd previously spent a lot of time working with people with additional physical and educational needs (such as A.S.D and other challenging conditions). This work strengthened the empathy I felt for others and provided the strongest examples of people just trying to be heard I'd ever experienced. I left the field to peruse my design career during this time I came out and formed ties with the LGBT+ community, here I found myself again surrounded by the feeling of people needing to be heard, to be seen, and to be understood.