Rainbows not required

Why don't we have rainbow products? After all we're a brand started by, and primarily for, the LGBTQ+ community, surely it's the most obvious thing in the world to throw rainbows and pride slogans over everything we make.

Well that's just it, it's obvious, its been done and in all honesty it can exclude our allies and those of us who don't want the world to know at every turn that we are part of that rainbow (shout out to my stealth pals) some of us want to wear our identity for us, we want that quiet self confidence in what we wear, we know our whispers can be louder than a shout and sometimes we find ourselves in places where its safer to not be wearing something that leaves us instantly out. The rainbow flag is wonderful because it's meant to represent and include all of us, but what is it representing, whats the next layer to that thought process, how do we give each stripe its own identity, how do we give this fight its meaning. We do it by diving deeper in to what made and sustained our community, the parts that we share commonplace with our allies, the ideals and identities of hope love life and humanity. That's what our brand is designed to show, the light that splits on a spectrum and makes up the rainbow. 

A starting point and a spark for these ideas came when I was getting ready to attend my first Pride, I wanted a new outfit for it as many of us do.

The thing is I didn't want to just buy something I was only going to wear once and never wear again, and to me and many others the rainbow can actually be pretty garish as an aesthetic for clothing, I mean how can you wear a nice colour blocked and matched fit when you're wearing literally every colour. I wanted something that my straight cis friends could wear all year round aswell without having to think "Am i projecting an identity that im not apart of". In short I wanted something we all want, to be seen as the person below the surface, to be seen for who we are, to have deeper meaning assigned to our lives than a few weeks a year.


-Written by Leia, Founder & Designer at Rebel Way