Human Style

One of the great pains many of us experience is that of internal conflict bought about by societal pressure and expectations ingrained in us as "the way of the world".

For so much of our life the answer to many of our innocent, childlike, yet complex, questions is "because that's just how the world is". So questions like "why cant boys wear dresses?" and "why doesn't everyone have food"  get reduced to an absolute reality "that's just how the world is". We need to reject this language of futility, we need to take these questions as an opportunity to question ourselves.

We need to reward this curiosity with a satisfactory answer rather than this reductive reasoning, lest this becomes how the world is.

Nothing but a pale reflection of that unquestioning status quo. Does it really need stating as to why an unquestioning society with a ridged resistance to change from tradition just for traditions sake is dangerous to our future? Do we really want all of todays problems to be tomorrows aswell because "that's just how the world is". If those adults around me had had the language, the initiative, and the understanding to accept my questions and help me grow in to myself earlier then so much pain could have been avoided, because I would have had the knowledge the language and the understanding of self through that shared learning process. I wouldn't have thought I was wrong because I was going against "how the world is".  I would have realised, like so many of us, that there is no one set way for the world to be, the world is what we make of it and what we should make of it is a connection between ourselves, love, and humanity.


-Written by Leia, Founder & Designer at Rebel Way