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Human Style

One of the great pains many of us experience is that of internal conflict bought about by societal pressure and expectations ingrained in us as "the way of the world". For so much of our life the answer to many of our innocent, childlike, yet complex, questions is "because that's just how the world is". So questions like "why cant boys wear dresses?" and "why doesn't everyone have food"  get reduced to an absolute reality "that's just how the world is". We need to reject this language of futility, we need to take these questions as an opportunity to question ourselves. We need to reward this curiosity with a satisfactory answer rather than this reductive reasoning, lest this becomes how...

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Our Future

Our future, contained within our pale blue dot. The imagery for this is Inspired by the Voyager missions and Carl Sagans reflection upon the photo taken at the very edge of our solar system by voyager 1 showing earth as nothing more than the tinniest of pale blue marks.

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